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Auction Procedures

Auction & Bidding Procedures

Auction Procedures

  1. All auctions will begin on Thursdays at 9:00am and close the following Wednesday at 3:15pm.
  2. All bidders must register in advance at https://auction.pro-tow.com.
  3. All vehicles being auctioned will be viewable ahead of time at https://auction.pro-tow.com for a period of between 1 and 15 days in advance of the scheduled auction. More information may be available by emailing auction@pro-tow.com.
  4. In compliance with RCW 46.55.130, PRO-TOW will hold a public auction in such a manner that all persons present are given equal time and opportunity to bid with the vehicle being sold to the highest bidder.
  5. All bidders must be present at the time of auction. Present online or present at our business location.
  6. An open bid process will be used so that everyone knows the dollar value that must be exceeded in order to win the auction.
  7. The highest two bids received will be recorded in written form and shall include the name, address, and telephone number of each such bidder.
  8. In the case of the highest bidder defaulting, the next bidder has the right to purchase the vehicle for the amount of his or her bid.
  9. The successful bidder shall apply for the title to the vehicle being purchased within fifteen days.
  10. A copy of this auction procedure is posted at each business location.
  11. The auction and bidding process site is done online at https://auction.pro-tow.com. If a bidder is present at a business location, they will be required to register for the auction at this site and place their bid online in accordance to the aforementioned requirements.
  12. A copy of the newspaper advertisement is posted at each business location along with these auction procedures.
  13. Any bidder who defaults or fails to make the applicable payment(s) on winning bids may be banned from future auctions.

Bidding Procedures

  1. You must register for an account online at this auction site. On the My Account page.
  2. You must be logged in, in order to place a bid.
  3. Any vehicle currently up for auction will be found on the “Live Auctions” page of the site.
  4. Vehicles that are available for viewing that are a part of an upcoming action will be found on the “Future Auctions” page of the site.
  5. When the auction ends all vehicles in that auction will then appear on the “Completed Auctions” page.

Winning Bid Procedures

  1. Log into your account at this auction site. On the My Account page.
  2. You will find the vehicles that were available for auction that you won in one of two places. They will appear in the “Auctions” page under the “My Account” page. They will also be included on the “Completed Auctions” page of the site along with all of the other vehicles that were up for auction.
  3. All winning bids must be paid for immediately following the close of the auction. All unpaid bids expire at 5pm on the day the auction closes. Bidders with an expired bid may be banned from future auctions at the discretion of Pro-Tow.
  4. To pay for a winning bid, first locate the vehicle you had the winning bid on, and then click “Get Item” to add it to your “Cart”.
  5. If you were successful with more than one vehicle bid, you can repeat the previous step to add each additional vehicle to your “Cart”.
  6. Then, click “Checkout” to complete your payment and generate an invoice.
  7. In order to pick up any vehicle, you must schedule an appointment at https://bookings.pro-tow.com. Unscheduled pickups will NOT be allowed. No notarized AVR will be provided until your vehicle is picked up.
  8. All winning bids must be paid for in advance of booking an appointment to pick up any vehicle. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  9. Failure to pick up your vehicle(s) at your scheduled appointment time, will result in a $25 rebooking fee per vehicle. Rebooking fees must be paid in advance of your rescheduled booking.
  10. All vehicles, whether paid for or not, that are not picked up within 3 business days after the close of the auction will be considered abandoned and bid expired, unless they make prior arrangements with Pro-Tow. All payments are non-refundable. Any bidder who abandons a winning vehicle bid may be banned from future auctions at the discretion of Pro-Tow.